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  • Project Safety Monthly Newsletter
  • Access to the HIT Training video library on your mobile device or computer
  • Bonus: Non-lethal self defense product recommendations based on lifestyle
  • Bonus: Pepper spray comparison and training video
  • Protect yourself, your family, and your home. The goal of the Project Safety Newsletter is to provide you with tools, tricks and techniques to outsmart the criminals and avoid dangerous situations altogether. Urban, suburban, student, parent or employee; every issue will have something relevant to your life. Start now by signing up for HIT.

What's HiT?

An Online Resource that Empowers Women to Protect Themselves, Their Families, and Their Homes

HIT provides a realistic approach to protecting yourself and your family. We help you train your brain to be more aware so you are prepared and have a plan in any situation. With HIT you will learn how to recognize warning signs of a potential attack on you or your kids so you can avoid these dangerous situations. When you or your family are less of a target, you reduce your risk of attack. Simply put, we help you make life more difficult for criminals.

The only person responsible for your safety is... YOU. Sign up today and get a special introductory price of $14.95, limited time offer.

  • Did you know a large percentage of assaults are preventable?
  • Everyone thinks; "this won't happen to me." Statistics say otherwise. The information and training in the HiT program will last a lifetime.

We've sculpted the Project Safety Newsletter and the HiT program with the guidance of Marc Fox. Marc trains law enforcement and private security in tactical and defensive measures. Marc is a retired police officer and 6th degree black belt who also develops assault prevention strategy programs for women of all ages. Marc currently works as a Crime Prevention Specialist at a California State University.

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"I have four daughters between the ages of 16 and 26. I want to thank you for creating such a useful protective tool. Thanks, again. KP"

Member, Pittsburgh, PA

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Meet The Expert

Marc Fox

Marc Fox is the director and chief instructor of Defensive Systems Inc., a use of force and violence prevention training consortium specializing in defensive tactics, use of force and violence prevention training. Marc is a retired police officer with 28 years experience. He has been a law enforcement use of force trainer for the past 26 years and currently teaches police defensive tactics and various violence prevention programs at a California State University.

Marc has received numerous commendations for his self defense, violence prevention programs and professionalism, including one from the State Senate.

Marc is an FBI and POST certified instructor in defensive tactics, chemical agents, firearms and frequently consults for the Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training as a subject matter expert in officer safety and tactics.